Brand Name



  • T H E   C H A L L E N G E

    To elevate the brand of Swayy to be on the playing field of other outdoor manufacturers and promote a product that is still a prototype.

  • O U T C O M E

    A strategic video boasting Swayy’s original hammock features while elevating and defining the brand in the same video..


Swayy’s founder reached out to Tell, giving us free range on our strategic creativity. We spent the next several weeks strategizing the best way to address Swayy’s challenges and executing on our collaboratively designed strategy


  • Q U E S T I O N

    In our kickoff meeting with Swayy, we started with the most important question on any project we lead, "What would success look like for Swayy on this project?"

  • A N S W E R

    Swayy's team answered, "To gain customers and investors by raising awareness.

  • G O A L S

    We dug deeper on their goals


  • B R A N D

    To gain awareness and attract the right investors and customers, Swayy needed a well defined brand. We took them through our own process of defining our own brand and helped them come up with a few keywords to express who they were.

  • I N V E S T O R S

    Investors will want to know what Swayy's competitive advantage is. They'll also need to be able to envision the product to judge if it would succeed.

  • C U S T O M E R S

    Talking with individual backers and potential customers, we found several keywords that helped define what drew them to Swayy.



The clearly defined strategy and broken down goals were used as a filter for decision making on the remainder of the engagement. Analyzing the data brought us to the conclusion that a video would offer the best results for Swayy's goals. It would elevate and further define the brand of Swayy as a high-end outdoor company through clean design and action packed motion.


  • R E F E R E N C E   I M A G E S

    Reference images were gathered to make sure the video is visually backing the established strategy.

  • S T Y L E F R A M E S

    Planning the style and motion of the video is crucial before starting the time intensive process of animating. Storyboards and styleframes are used to solidify the look and feel of the piece while staying in line with the Swayy brand strategy.

    • CLEVER
    • HIGH-END